What kind of online resources for self-study are in NTU Library?

NTU Library is the repository of abundant knowledge. Not only physical collections but also online learning tools are valuable for all of you getting lost in the world of books. Let’s start your self-learning way!

  1. NTU Library Reference Service Blog

NTU Library write various topics on “NTU Library Reference Service Blog” for teaching readers on their scholarly way. We hope to solve readers’ problems and help them from academic beginners to advanced. If readers have any difficulties about databases, retrieved skills, finding full texts or needing guidelines, NTU Library Blog provides abundant instructions and user guides for resources.

  1. YouTube Channel

There is a YouTube Channel called “臺大圖書館HELP頻道” which is operated by NTU Librarians. We put a lot of videos frequently. By recording and editing every physical course, we uploaded immediately after classes. Besides, there is a series called “一分鐘充電站” which means “one-minute video”. This series is uploaded every Thursday. We focus on important and concerned topics to make learning attractive. Readers might pay more attention to concise, accurate and even interesting learning contents.

a. This category (FIRST Workshop) is for English courses.

b. There are some “one-minute videos” with English subtitles.

  1. FAQs

NTU Library collected many common questions to give readers quick response, including Loan Policy, SLIM (Online Catalog), Databases, VPN and so on. We added “tags” and “Related Questions” for each question to find answers precisely. There is a search bar above so that you can write keywords to browse. Otherwise, “Hot” and “New” provide readers to view important issues.

  1. E-Learning (Only in Mandarin)

NTU Library provide an E-Learning website to make self-learning convenient. But it only contains information and resources in Mandarin. “Library tour guide” is a virtual surrounding tour that readers could visit around Main Library in front of their own screens. “Instructions for beginners and the advanced” are online courses host by NTU Library. The other categories are also plentiful in resources sharing. Welcome to visit our E-Learning website!

by Siao-Yu Su
(2023/2/8 updated)