Introduction to eBooks of the American Mathematical Society (AMS)

American Mathematical Society (AMS) is a renowned non-profit organization advocating mathematical research and education, which provides help and advice on math education and facilitates communication between mathematicians worldwide. Established more than 130 years since 1888, the AMS has published massive amounts of premium books in the Advanced Mathematic field, such as proceedings, monographs, and memoirs of the mathematics field since the 19th century





Where to find dissertations and theses?


A thesis or dissertation is the paper required for completing a diploma.  Theses and dissertations could help us understand the research outcome of the department and senior students, and the analysis of sources and references could help us familiarize ourselves with the development of research in the past.  If you were not sure about what issues your thesis will delve into, what topics you are considering had other students studied, and with what emphasis and precedent research, you may begin with the theses and dissertations written by other students.


How to Search for Master’s Thesis and Doctoral Dissertation from the USA and Canada?

Looking for theses and dissertations from prestigious colleges in the USA and Canada?

Use PQDT (ProQuest Dissertations & Theses A&I) database to search for indexes, abstracts, and full-texts of the theses and dissertations.  Also, you can get the PDF full-texts from Digital Dissertation Consortium (DDC).


More Than Chocolate: Explore the Literature and Art of Lady Godiva in the Databases and the Library

As we know, Godiva is a chocolate brand from Belgium. Godiva is undoubtedly a symbol for high quality chocolate, and the origin of its name was from Lady Godiva, wife of Lord Leofric. She made a famous ride through the streets of Coventry and the taxes were reduced, making her a legend throughout the centuries. Inspired by the legend, the chocolate making family named their company after her and kept the associated values such as boldness, generosity, and a pioneering spirit.