How to find “The Wall Street Journal” in NTU Library?

The Wall Street Journal is one of the most prestigious financial newspapers in the US. Founded in 1889, it’s also one of the most spread newspaper in the US. NTU Library has subscribe to the electronic version of the Wall Street Journal, collected in databases like ProQuest and EBSCOhost. In this article, searching skill, chronological range of collection, and versions of different regions would be introduced.

On the website of The Wall Street Journal, one can read daily news, watch clips, and search for previous articles, but due to the subscription policy, readers who are not subscribed to the journal could only see a limited portion of the texts and photos. One should subscribe and pay certain amount of fee in order to get access to the full content. However, as NTU staffs or students, you could overcome the paywall that restrict from reading the full content. [1]


  1. The Wall Street Journal [ProQuest] Database: full content
  2. ProQuest Database Platform: full content
  3. Newspaper Source [EBSCOhost] Database: table of contents only
  4. Printed collection in the library: with Asia-Hong Kong version till 2015 September


Steps for searching:

1. The Wall Street Journal [ProQuest] Database

If you would like to look for the latest articles, the most efficient method is to search by database on SLIM system.


You would find The Wall Street Journal Database with Full Content–as a branch database of the ProQuest Platform–in which the collected version is the Eastern Edition and full content from 1984 till now could be browsed by NTU staffs and students. Contents are updated everyday (day off on Sunday and holidays).


You may type in keywords in the “Advance Search” by searching articles. If you would like to look for articles that were published recently, select 7 days for publication date or specify by other range of time, then click search.


Click on the article title to read the full text on the webpage.


If you need to store the file, please click the “Save as PDF” on the up right corner.


💡  What versions by regions are collected in the database?

Click the “Publications” then you would see 3 versions:

(1) Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition; New York, N.Y.  (1984 till now)
(2) Wall Street Journal (Online); New York, N.Y.  (2010 till now)
(3) WSJ : the Magazine from the Wall Street Journal; New York  (2011-2013)

If you would like to read the recent articles, click directly the title in blue font and enter the page of publication information. Specify the date so as to find recent issues.


2. ProQuest Database Platform

Search “ProQuest” by database on NTU Library’s SLIM system and enter the ProQuest Database Platform, which includes more than 20 branch databases like ABI/INFORM.


By searching “wall street journal”, you would find 5 versions. In addition to the 3 versions mentioned above, the other 2 versions are the European version and the Asia version which had both stopped publications. [2]

  • Wall Street Journal, Europe; Brussels (1991-2017)
  • The Wall Street Journal Asia; Hong Kong (1991-2017)


3. Newspaper Source [EBSCOhost] Database

On “Newspaper Source“, a branch database of the EBSCOhost platform, only the table of contents could be found. Full content are not provided. If you need the full content, you could click on “Find It@NTU”, which directs you to the search results of other databases may contain full content.


4. Printed collection in the library

NTU Library has stopped from collecting the printed copy of The Wall Street Journal. The last issue collected in 2F of the Main Library was September 2015.

If previous printed issues were required, please enter the “Journal Search” page of NTU Library’s SLIM system. Then, type “wall street journal” in the search box. The chronological range of collection and locations could thus be found.



[1] Online subscription has became a prevailing policy for online media platforms. Reader are required to join as member, with certain amount of regular payment, in order to get access to contents provided on the platform (known as the paywall). The Wall Street Journal had stopped Google users from reading their contents for free since February 2017.

[2] The Wall Street Journal stopped the publication of the newspaper of European version since September 29th, 2017 and the Asian version since October 2017.


【中文版文章】管院學生必讀之3:The Wall Street Journal 華爾街日報


by Yu-Hung Kao