How to find “The Economist” in NTU Library?

The Economist was founded in 1843 in London. It is an weekly newspaper which focused on international news of politics, business and finance.  The unique and insightful analyses make it not only the a classic reading for teachers and students in business school but also an important tool for entrepreneurs to keep up with the latest information around the world.

Q1: Does NTU Library have “The Economist”?

A1: NTU Library has “The Economist” in print and electronic form.  Please use SLIM system to search.

(1) Enter the Advanced Search of SLIM system.  You can select “Title” and type “The Economist”. Also, you can type 0013-0613 for ISSN in the searching box.  Then, Limit the material type to “Journals”.

(2) You can see “The Economist” in the searching result.  Click the title to enter the bibliography page.  For electronic journal, the latest issues could be browse on ABI/INFORM Global database.

(3) The latest printed issues could be found at the Social Science Library (Koo Library). The printed issues within 1 year are placed at the Current Periodical Area of the Koo Library which is situated at the 1st floor, while bound back issues are stored at the 2nd floor of the Koo Library.  

The Main Library collects the Economists from 1951 to 2015. Subscription of printed copy was cancelled since 2016. There are some missing issues among the back issues in every location. Thus, if you would like to look for the magazine in library, please make sure that certain library hold the volumes or issues that you need, and check the specific floor and shelf number corresponding to those issues before you come to find them.


Q2: How to access to the electronic version of The Economist on the ABI/INFORM Global database?

A2: The full text from 1992 to date is included in the database. 

(1) Click on “Publications” tab, and then type “The Economists” in the searching box.

(2) On the page of “The Economists”, you can select the year to browse through different issues.

(3) You can also type a specific article title or some keywords in the searching box.

(4) For example, if we would like to search for articles related to Donald Trump, the ex-president to the US. Type “trump” in the searching box to read related articles.

Notice that the articles before January 5th 2018 are only provided with plain text but without pictures, diagrams or tables.  After January 6th 2018, the PDF file of the magazine in which the pictures, diagrams and tables of the articles are included could be downloaded. Therefore, there are two options for downloading the full-text.


Q3: How to get the latest content of The Economists?

A3: You could get access to the latest content of The Economist once you “create alert“. Please click the “Create alert” button on the webpage of The Economists in ABI/INFORM database.

Follow the steps of creating alert:

Step 1 – Review publication details.
Step 2 – Define your alert email.  Please key in your email address, then click “Create alert“ to finish the set up process.

Attention: IP address should be set in the domain of NTU campus, NTU staffs and students should connect to the domain by using VPN if they were not in the campus.


Q4: How to search the electronic version of The Economist on HUSO platform?

A: Images of articles between 1843 and 2003 could be found by in Economist Historical Archive- EHA [HUSO] database.

After you find the bibliographic information of The Ecnonomist on SLIM system, click Economist Historical Archive- EHA [HUSO] to get access to the platform of the database. You may browse by year, volume, and issue.

Click “Full-image” to open the windows containing the image and downloand the image as TIF or PDF file.


Q5: What are the differences between the 2 types of The Economist on the ABI/INFORM Global database?


by Chia-Ho Chen & Yu-Hung Kao

【中文文章】管院學生必讀之2:The Economist《經濟學人》