Quickstart Guide for Endnote

Endnote is a kind of bibliographic management tool used to store, manage, note,  and cite the bibliographic information.


Let’s get ready for Endnote!

  1. Installation
  2. Learning resources
  3. Tips for NTU students and staff

  1. Installation (for NTU students and staff):
    1. Download
    2.  Compatibility (Please confirm the operating system and hardware of your computer and refer to following needs of installation environment to install the compatible one )
      • Endnote for Windows
        • Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10
        • 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster x86-bit or x64-bit processor
        • 600 MB hard disk space available
        • Minimum 2 GB of available RAM
        • Word processor software : Microsoft Word [Cite While You Write] for Windows : 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016
      • Endnote for Mac
        • macOS 10.10 and above (Versions of macOS Compatibility are as followed)
          • MAC OS 10.15 Catalina:Can only use Endnote X9.3.1
          • MAC OS 10.14 Mojave:Can use Endnote Endnote X9.2-X9.3.1 and below version
          • MAC OS 10.12 Sierra/10.13 High Sierra:Can use Endnote X9.2-X9.3.1 and below version
        • Intel-based Macintosh
        • Hard disk with 700 MB available
        • Minimum 2GB of available RAM
        • Word processor software : Microsoft Word [Cite While You Write] for Macintosh : 2011, 2016 (version 15.21.1 or later)
    3.  latest Version
      • Windows:X9.2
      • Mac:X9.3.1(for MacOS Catalina)
      • The differences from X7, X8 and X9 refers to Official documents
    4.  Notice
      • Installation type : Select “custom” to avoid any problem of citation and importing.
      • Select Feature : Install all of the Connection file、Filter and Style on your desktop.

  1. Getting started:Here are general instruction resources in English offered by University libraries and developers for easily learning by yourselves.
    1. Official Manual
    2. Tutorial
    3. Libguide
    4. Video
    5. Be advanced : Forum, blog, FAQ

  2. Tips for NTU students and staff:

    1. URL path for “Find Full Text
      • https://ntu.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/discovery/openurl?institution=886NTU_INST&vid=886NTU_INST:886NTU_INST&
      • Notice : To find full text subscribed by NTU library successfully, please make sure your IP Address is start with 140.112(Off-campus Internet Connection Services
    2. Export references from NTU Library’s Catalog (SLIM)
      • Searching resources with SLIM
      • Click on the title to view bibliographic information
      • Click on Endnote →Download to export
    3. Use “Filters” to import information previously exported from databases.
    4. “Connection Files” of database subscribed by NTU library for “Online search”
    5. Output Styles
    6. Endnote Consulting Services offered by NTU library : Any question? Librarians are available to provide assistance. Please feel free to contact us.


Reference :


by Chien Ju Chiang