How to look for company information: Business Market Research Collection

The company profiles collected in the Business Market Research Collection Database [ProQuest] includes:

  • Company overview
  • Company history
  • Officers and board members
  • Competitors
  • Products and operations
  • Auditors
  • Rankings
  • Related industry information
  • Historical financials

First, in NTU Library’s SLIM system, you can type “Business Market Research Collection“ on the search box.

Then, you can access to the “Business Market Research Collection“ database.


Advanced Search:

1. Search by Document title

Choose the “Document title—TI” and enter the name of the company, for example, Google. Then, scroll down and specify the document type as “Company Profile”.


2. Search by Company/organization

Choose “Company/organization—ORG” as searching condition and enter the name of the company, e.g. Samsung.


3. Enter company name within Corp( )

Enter “Corp(company_name)” in the searching column, e.g. Corp(Amazon).


Search Results:

Click full text PDF on the page of results for further information.

Browse by webpage or PDF, or download the PDF file.

For example, Hoover’s Company Records includes the following information in the company profile:

  • Company Overview
  • Company Description
  • Company History
  • Industry Information
  • People
  • Biographies
  • Company Financials
  • Competition


by Yu-Hung Kao & Chih-Lo Chen


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