Introduction to Humanities and Social Sciences Research Resources (HUSO)

Haven’t have an idea for your literature report? Too many databases from the library to choose from? Try this Humanities & Social Sciences Research Resources (HUSO) system arranged by the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST).

The HUSO system is a combination of 14 databases, and there is an introduction of the databases below:

Database Title Data Type Database Content Subject Fields
CLC (Chadwych-Healey Literature Collections) Book Chadwyck-Healey Literature Collections contain 19 collections, mainly English and American literary works, including poetry, drama, fiction, and writers series. Such as Shakespeare’s and Yeats’ works, the Bible in English, or bibliography about language and literature are in this collection. Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature(ABELL), for example, includes literary works of any era and genre, and has more than 320,000 works in it. English and American Literature
ECCO (Eighteen Century Collections Online) Book Records the classic works in the 18th century about American Revolution, French Revolution, and the Industrial Revolution. This collective source include collections from libraries and universities. Contents of 180,000 titles, more than 33 million pages of full text based on the English Short Title Catalogue, and canonical titles debating with the contemporary works for those titles made it the premiere resource for researchers worldwide. History and Geography, Social Science, Literature and Language, Theology, Modern Arts, Law, Medicine and Technology, and Reference Books
EEBO (Early English Books Online) Book Records early English books back to the 15th century. It has about 125,000 kinds of books, periodicals, pamphlets, speech scripts, ballads,  almanacs, auction catalogs, yearbooks, declarations, prayers, scientific and practical treatises and more. EEBO was the predecessor of the micro items of Early English Books I &II, and includes publications in English or published in Great Britain from 1473 to 1700, which has about 22 million digital images. Literature, History, Politics, Economy, Theology, Classics, Linguistics, Musicology,   Philosophy, Law, Medicine, and Science
MMLT (The Making of Modern Law: Trials 1600-1926) Book Based on Yale and Harvard library holdings, and the Library of the New York City Bar, it offers online access to these collections. Law and Politics
MOML (The Making of Modern Law: Legal Treatises 1800-1926) Book Provides digital images of 22 thousand legal treatises on US and British law published from 1800 through 1926. It supports full-text searching on more than 10 million pages and provides access to critical legal history. Law and History
MOMW (The Making of the Modern World: The Goldsmiths’-Kress Library of Economic Literature 1450-1850) Book Includes 1450-1850 Goldsmiths’-Kress Library of Economic Literature collection series from Primary Source Microfilm, and are archived by Goldsmiths College Library at University of London and The Kress Collection from Baker Library at Harvard Business School. There are 62,000 eBooks and 466 series of books, including the full text of 12 million pages. Agriculture, Colonies, Commerce, Corn Laws, Navigation Acts, Mercantilism, Finance, General, Politics, Population, Slavery, Social Conditions, Socialism, Trades and Manufactures
SCRB (The Making of Modern Law: U.S. Supreme Court Records and Briefs 1832-1978) Book Containing nearly 11 million pages of records and briefs brought before the U.S. Supreme Court in the period 1832-1978, this product provides an essential primary source tool for the study of all aspects of American history as well as the U.S. judicial system. Law and History
SOTH (Social Theory) Book It is mainly about the nature of social behavior and organization, and has more than 150,000 pages of content by major theorists such as Theodor Adorno, Jean Baudrillard, Simone de Beauvoir and more. Social Behavior
EHA (The Economist Historical Archive 1843-2006) Journal The Economist presents the world’s political, business, scientific, technological and cultural developments and the connections between them. Full-color images, search indexes, exportable financial tables and a key topic of each week offers a primary source of research covering the 19th and 20th centuries. Politics, Business, Science, Technology, Cultural Development, History
OJA (Oxford Journals Archive) Journal The contents are from 1849-1995, and has over 3.4 million article pages and 71 journals available. Humanities, Law Archive, and Social Science
PAO (Periodicals Archive Online) Journal Periodicals Archive Online Collections 1-6 contain 500 journals with 100 journals for General Collections 1 & 2 respectively and 75 titles for each of General Collections 3, 4, 5 and 6. Humanitarian and Social Science
SOJA (Springer Online Journal Archives) Journal There are three collections: Humanities, Social Science & Law (120), Behavioral Science(62), Business & Economics(51), and there are about 233 kinds of periodicals and 4727 volumes. Humanities, Social Science, Law, Behavioral Science, Business & Economics
TDA (The Times Digital Archive, 1785-1900) Newspaper It has six categories: War and Conflict, Opinions and Debates, Entertainment and Leisure, People and Places, Transport and Living, and Advertising and Crosswords, more than 1 million pages, and more than 7 million articles. Advertising, Business, Editorial & Commentary, Features, Parliament, Law, News, People, Picture gallery, Sport
TLSCA (Times Literary Supplement Centenary Archive) Newspaper It is about literary activity and critical opinion makers of the 20th century, and there are more than 250,000 reviews, letters, poems and articles in more than 5,000 issues. English Literature, Social Science


Quick Search

On the “Quick Search” page, you can enter any word or phrase in the search column.  The default search scope will be from the 14 databases, yet individual database search is supported.


Search Results

Click any item in the search result area to see the full citation and the image of the full text.


Data Search: supports global search and individual search

Click “Data Search” and find “Global Search” on the list, or choose one of the databases to search from.


Every database will have search columns according to their features. In general, there would be title, author, journal title, date, subject, and language.

Each database has different search modes: Basic Search, Advanced Search, and Journal Search (valid for E-journal databases).

All search modes support different limited search:

1. General Search: Excludes ancient words and singular and plural search

2. Obsolete spellings: Includes ancient English (also finds “loue” when searching for “love”)

3. Singular and Plural: Includes the changes of singular and plural in the default setting. For example, find also “humanities” when searching for “humanity”.


Journal Search

EHA, OJA, PAO, and SOJA supports “Journal Search”, and they can be arranged to the same page. Click the alphabets(A-Z) and browse all of the journals starting with this letter, or input the related words to search.


Enter the key words in the column, and there would be a list of journals with the target word.


Click on any journal to see its journal record and the volumes which provide electronic files with full text.


There is a reminder that if you wish to use the library E-resources outside NTU, please set up an off-campus VPN.

Part of this article is referred to the official page of HUSO.

Some databases are available on GALE platform, and you may also use them:




by Yu-Ting Huang