Introduction to eBooks of the American Mathematical Society (AMS)

American Mathematical Society (AMS) is a renowned non-profit organization advocating mathematical research and education, which provides help and advice on math education and facilitates communication between mathematicians worldwide. Established more than 130 years since 1888, the AMS has published massive amounts of premium books in the Advanced Mathematic field, such as proceedings, monographs, and memoirs of the mathematics field since the 19th century

National Taiwan University has subscribed to classical series as below, and most of them cover works since their launch.

  • Contemporary Mathematics 1980-2016
  • Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society 1950-2015
  • Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics V.1-90 1959-2015
  • Proceedings of Symposia in Applied Mathematics V.1-73 1949-2016
  • AMS Chelsea Publishing V.339-382 1894-2015
  • Courant Lecture Notes V.1-26 2000-2015
  • IAS/Park City Mathematics Series 1995-2016

The picture below is the webpage of the AMS E-Book series, and there are related proceedings, monographs, and memoirs in the upper left corner.

The marked eBooks below are related series purchased by NTU, and users can click on them to see the full text of the series.


Take “Contemporary Mathematics” as an example, click on the title and select a year or a volume to look up for the full text:

In volume 677, published in 2016 of Contemporary Mathematics, click and see the index of all articles and select one to see its full text, or click View full volume PDF to see the full text as in the paper copy.

The following is the full text:

The picture below is the scanned paper copy item seen after clicking “View full volume PDF”, and users can also click the index on the left to read the full text of all articles.


If users enter through the National Taiwan University Library website, click in the order of “Search and Find” > “E-Resources” > “E-Books”. Then, type “AMS” in the search bar, and enter “American Mathematical Society ebooks collection”.


by Yu-Ting Huang & Chih-Lo Chen


【中文版文章】三大數學學會電子書介紹系列之一: 有關〈美國數學學會〉之電子書出版品