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Originally “F1000 Prime & Faculty Opinions ”, the website had changed its name to “H1 Connect ,” and the other service F1000Research allow free access. The two services above are provided by F1000, and please refer to the introduction below:

H1 Connect

It contains over 8,000 comments on periodicals of experts from the biology and medicine field. In other words, users can trace which articles are read by specialists and their comments on the articles. This helps users learn the essence of their interested field of study, grasp the key articles of a field, and know the interests of specialists through H1 Connect. From February 1, 2024, the H1 Connect database transformed into an open-access online database. Users can use all its features for free with a personal account.

In addition to the comments written by professionals, H1 Connect database further classifies articles into categories such as “Good”, “Very Good”, or “Exceptional”.

Commenters would sort articles depending on their properties. The categories include Changes in Clinical Practice, Confirmation, Controversial, Good for Teaching, Interesting Hypothesis, New Finding, Novel Drug Target, Refutation, Technical Advance, and more. Users can filter articles of their needs by the categories above.

H1 Connect database is also connected to PubMed to create an instant connection to the summary or the full text from Open Access for the users. It can also connect to the online content webpage, yet the access to full text depends on whether the user’s institution orders the corresponding E-journal.

The homepage of H1 Connect is as below, and it has five sections: (1) Article Recommendations;(2) Clinical Trials; (3) Collections; (4) Rankings; (5) Experts;(6) Faculty Reviews.

1. Article Recommendations

Users can browse the articles recommended by professionals and filter them by their topic, the category they belong in, their rate from experts, article type, whether they are preprints, when it was published, and etc. It also provides an advanced search function.

2. Clinical Trials

Drawing upon personal expertise within their specialisms, they evaluate the current clinical trial landscape to provide insights on the potential medical impact of new drugs and therapies by considering factors such as: study design, data analysis and interpretation, and likely outcome on standard of care.

3. Collections

Collections are updated on key areas and topics in the medical and life sciences, providing users with comprehensive literature reviews and significant new research.

4. Rankings

Based on the evaluations and ratings that Experts attribute to articles and expressed as the Faculty Opinions Score. “Rankings” lists articles by their categories in the order of score rankings.

5. Experts

Users can find the Experts by filtering the section, position, country, and member status or by searching name, keyword, or institution, and subscribing to them. Whenever the subscribed scholar recommends an article, related information will be sent to the user’s e-mail.

The positions of  the Experts includes 4 types:

(1) Heads of Discipline: The most eminent individuals in the field providing oversight and policy advice for their entire Discipline, divide their area into Specialties, and appoint Specialty Leads of these Specialty.

(2) Specialty Leads : Specialty Leads define the topics that their Specialty should encompass and appoint Experts to ensure sufficient representation to cover the breadth of relevant literature and clinical trials.

(3) Experts: Leading experts who recommend the most noteworthy articles in their fields, sharing their perspectives and opinion to help you understand the key points and context.

(4) Associates : Work with Experts to assist them with the recommendation process.

6. Faculty Reviews

The Faculty Reviews journal is published by Faculty Opinions Ltd. on the H1 Connect platform and contains both review articles and Landmark evaluations. The reviews cover new ideas and progress in the fields for the past 1-3 years.

In addition, there are functions such as “Blog” and more at the bottom of every page.“Blog” provides the latest news, expert interviews, and research focuses.


F1000Research is the new platform for open access to journals, and it allows instant publication and peers comments.

Every article has a record of its edited versions, and the reviewer reports displaying the comments and suggestions from the reviewers are open to all viewers.

Reference: “Frequently Asked Questions.” H1 Connecthttps://connect.h1.co/faq

by Yu-Ting Huang

Updated by Mei-Mei Chang 2022/12/29, 2023/8/18,2024/2/29

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