How to search for books from several libraries at once?

If you have to determine which library has the required books, you may use the Union Catalog to do metasearch. You can use the following websites to search books or journals from several libraries at once.

  1. MetaCat+
  2. NBINet  (National Bibliographic Information Network)
  3. Union Lists of Serials

After finding out which library has the item, you may apply for interlibrary loan services to access it.


【1. MetaCat+

MetaCat+ (即時跨館整合查詢系統) collects the contents of over 70 university libraries in Taiwan. This union catalog is built by NTU Library.

Users can enter the book title on the homepage to search and click “Institution Filter” in the lower right corner. The default setting selects all university libraries, yet users can select areas (northern, central, southern, and eastern regions) or designated libraries.

Next, there would be a list of libraries with the book. Click the library’s name to connect to its content and view the detailed bibliographical information and loan status. For example, we click “Natl Yang Ming Chiao Yung Univ.”

Then, it will be directed to the National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Library’s website. It shows that the library has the book we need.

【2. NBINet

NBINet system (National Bibliographic Information Network, 全國圖書書目資訊網) is built by the National Central Library. It allows metasearch among public, university, and special libraries in Taiwan. Users can search NBINet Union Catalog for materials in various formats. Also, users can search for the title, author, ISBN, and keyword on the homepage.

The search results are below, and there would be the media type at the right, and users can click the title for further information.

The libraries with this book are listed below, and there are some reminders for you:

  1. The system is not updated in real time. So, users are suggested to check the designated library website to see if the book is on loan, lost, or being removed.
  2. The call number of each library differs.

【3. Union Lists of Serials

Union Lists of Serials (全國期刊聯合目錄資料庫) is a system for searching journals from several libraries simultaneously.

Just to remind you, the system is based on printed journals and does not update in real time. As a result, users are suggested to check the designated library website in case the journal is on loan, lost, or being removed.

Take the “Journal of Marketing” as an example.

The libraries with the “Journal of Marketing” are listed below, and you can click on one of the designated libraries.

For example, it’s directed to the National Chung Cheng University Library’s website. Next, you can check the volumes the library collects.

After determining which library has the item you need, you can apply for the Interlibrary Loan Service to access it.




by Yu-Ting Huang & Chih-Lo Chen