Learning to search electronic books in ONE minute!


E-books are distributed in the online database platforms or open access e-books systems. Users can access to these resources remotely. In the following, we will introduce the way in finding a specific e-book. 【中文說明請見此文章:一分鐘搞懂圖書館的電子書查詢!

1. Meta-search electronic books: Using Library catalog “TULIPS”

You may use online library catalog to search by typing the e-book’s title, author, keywords or subjects.


However, you may find that the searching results involving some printed materials. There are two ways to limit the search results:

Enter the “Advanced Search” page à Select “Ebooks” in the material type column.

27search ebooks in advanced search



2. How to download or print out electronic books?

Go to bibliographic record of the electronic material à Click the hyperlink to enter the full-text resource. As there are different specifications of the use of e-books among publishers, you may have limitations in printing and downloading the articles. The instructions are offered in “Electronic-book” webpage or you can go to Google to search database support center to see the description and specifications of the database.


*If you are off-campus, please do remember to set your Virtual Private Network (VPN) before accessing to NTU library e-resources.


3. Use mobile device to access e-resources!

We suggest smartphone and/or tablet users connect to our mobile library website or download our library apps “NTULIB” (Available to IOS App Store and Android Market). User interface is especially designed for viewing on mobile devices.

Open “NTULIB” APP.  Find the main Manu, and click “館藏查詢”.

Screenshot_20170109-140356    Screenshot_20170109-140407

Search a book title, and click the one you want to read. For example, we choose the first one with [electronic resource].

Screenshot_20170109-140541    Screenshot_20170109-140551

Go to the book information page, click the hyperlink “Click for full-text (Title of database)”. 


Open electronic book to read!


*If you are off-campus, please do remember to set your Virtual Private Network (VPN) before accessing to NTU library e-resources.

If you have other in-depth questions, please e-mail to tul@ntu.edu.tw .

We are looking forward to helping you in using library services.

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Written by YoYo Cheung, Intern from The University of Hong Kong.


Revised by Chih Lo Chen  (2017/1/9)

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