Let’s Learn Chinese in Library! 中文/華語學習圖書簡介


Are you international student in NTU? Do you want to learn Chinese? Are there any Chinese Learning books in NTU Library? How to find the Chinese Learning books and CDs/DVDs in Library? Please follow us!


【Chinese Learning Books】

Step 1 : Visit National Taiwan University Library’s English Website. http://www.lib.ntu.edu.tw/en

Step 2: Click “SLIM” to enter the “System for Library Information Management”.

Step 3: To begin an “Advanced Search”, click the button on the right hand side of the search bar.

Step 4: Type “Chinese language” in the “Subject” field, or use the keywords below to search (Table A). Or, you can choose “Title” in the search field, and type “Mandarin Chinese” in the search box.


Table A.  Subject headings about “Chinese Language”

Subject Headings
Chinese language — English
Chinese language — Terms and phrases — English
Chinese language — Grammar
Chinese language — Conversation and phrase books
Chinese language — Conversation and phrase books — English
Chinese language — Textbooks for foreign speakers — English


Step 5: If it says “Available” and there is a call number afterwards, this means it’s a physical item that we hold in the library. You will need to write down the shelf location and the call number, and then come into the library to find the book.  For example, the book is located in Main Library 2F Humanities/Social Science Area.



Here are some books. You can click the link to see their introduction ,and get the call numbers to find them.

chineselearning4  chineselearning3  chineselearning2 chineselearning6

Title Author/Editor Publisher Year
Chaoyue : advancing in Chinese : a textbook for intermediate & preadvanced students Yea-Fen Chen Columbia University Press 2010
Mandarin Chinese : learning through conversation Kang Yuhua and Lai Siping 北京语言大学出版社 2008
Elementary Chinese grammar and patterns
Hilda H. Tao Hsi-Jen Tao 2007
Chinese : an essential grammar Yip Po-Ching and Don Rimmington Routledge 2006
Getting around in Chinese : Chinese skits for beginners Hilda H. Tao University of Michigan 2000
Mandarin Chinese : an introduction Mobo C.F. Gao Oxford University Press 2000

A reference grammar of Chinese

Huang, Chu-Ren; Shi, Dingxu Cambridge University Press 2016

A grammar of Mandarin

Wiedenhof, Jeroen John Benjamins Publishing Company 2015



請在台大圖書館整合查詢系統的進階檢索功能,利用「主題」欄位查詢”漢語”,或是利用「題名」欄位查詢”華語”、”中文”。您也可以不查詢網頁,直接到總圖書館2F人社資料區的中文圖書區,瀏覽索書號開頭是 802.85802.86 的書架。



書名/片名 作者/編者 出版社 年代
華語文閱讀測驗 楊琇惠 五南 2012
汉字速成課本 柳燕梅编著 ;
北京语言大学出版社 2001
全新版華語 蘇月英總主編 流傳文化 2004
中文讀本 金榮華主編 中華民國僑務委員會 2009
生活華語 生活華語教材委員會策劃 臺灣語言文化社 2005~

另外,中華民國僑務委員會出版了兩套叢書和光碟── 五百字說華語一千字說華語,用多種語言做華語教學,包括英文、日文、韓文、德文、西班牙文、法文、荷蘭文、印尼文、越南文、泰文。歡迎台灣朋友們介紹給各國的國際學生,幫助他們學習中文快速上手!

五百字說華語1   五百字說華語   一千字說華語  一千字說華語DVD  chineselearning8 chineselearning7chineselearning9


【網路資源 / Website】

全球華文網路教育中心 (Global Chinese Language And Culture Center):




by Chih Lo Chen & Jui Shan Chang
2018/11/16, 2022/4/27 updated