Let’s Learn Chinese in Library! 中文/華語學習圖書簡介


Are you international student in NTU? Do you want to learn Chinese? Are there any Chinese Learning books in NTU Library? How to find the Chinese Learning books and CDs/DVDs in Library? Please follow us!


【Chinese Learning Books】

Step 1 : Visit National Taiwan University Library’s English Website. http://www.lib.ntu.edu.tw/en

Step 2: Click “SLIM” to enter the “System for Library Information Management”.

Step 3: To begin an “Advanced Search”, click the button on the right hand side of the search bar.

Step 4: Type “Chinese language” in the “Subject” field, or use the keywords below to search (Table A). Or, you can choose “Title” in the search field, and type “Mandarin Chinese” in the search box.


Table A.  Subject headings about “Chinese Language”

Subject Headings
Chinese language — English
Chinese language — Grammar
Chinese language — Conversation and phrase books
Chinese language — Conversation and phrase books — English
Chinese language — Textbooks for foreign speakers — English


Step 5: If it says “Available” and there is a call number afterwards, which means it’s a physical item that we hold in the library. You will need to write down the shelf location and the call number, and then come into the library to find the book.  For example, the book is located in Main Library 2F Humanities/Social Science Area.


As shown in the Table B, there are some books.  You can click the link to check their introduction, and write down the call numbers to find them in the library.

Title Author / Editor Publisher Year
Chinese : an essential grammar Yip Po-Ching and Don Rimmington Routledge 2021
Mandarin Chinese visual dictionary Maree Airlie Collins 2019
A reference grammar of Chinese (中文参考语法) Chu-Ren Huang, Dingxu Shi Cambridge University Press 2016
Assessing Chinese learners of English : language constructs, consequences and conundrums Guoxing Yu, Yan Jin Palgrave Macmillan 2016
The Routledge course in Chinese media literacy  (读新闻学中文) Chris Wen-chao Li and Josephine H. Tsao Routledge 2016
Literature and society : an advanced reader of modern Chinese Zhou Zhiping, Wang Ying, Wang Xuedong Princeton University Press 2016
A grammar of Mandarin Jeroen Wiedenhof John Benjamins Publishing Company 2015
First step : an elementary reader for modern Chinese  (中文起步) Chih-p’ing Chou, Jing Wang, Jun Lei. Princeton Unviersity Press 2014
Chaoyue : advancing in Chinese : practice for intermediate and preadvanced students Meng Yeh Columbia University Press 2010
Mandarin Chinese : learning through conversation Kang Yuhua and Lai Siping 北京语言大学出版社 2008
Elementary Chinese grammar and patterns
Hilda H. Tao Hsi-Jen Tao 2007
Modern Mandarin Chinese grammar workbook  (現代漢語實用語法練習) Claudia Ross, Jing-Heng Sheng Ma and Baozhang He Routledge 2006
Advanced reader of contemporary Chinese short stories : reflections on humanity Ying Wang and Carrie Reed University of Washington Press 2003
Getting around in Chinese : Chinese skits for beginners Hilda H. Tao University of Michigan 2000
Colloquial Chinese : the complete course for beginners Kan Qian Routledge 1999




Also, there are some series of textbooks in the library.







或者,建議您直接前往總圖書館2F人社資料區的中文圖書區,瀏覽索書號開頭是 802.85802.86 的架位。以下列舉一些中文/華語學習書,點選超連結可以看簡介、索書號、確認是否可以外借:

書名 作者/編者 出版社 年代
時代華語 (no.1 課本) 淡江大學華語中心編著 ; 顏雪芬, 袁寧均, 陳怡攸主編 正中書局 2019
學習漢語與文化 : 中級漢語課本 黃偉嘉, 敖群 香港中文大學出版社 2019
新版實用視聽華語 謝佳玲 正中書局 2017
華語真好玩 陳雅鈴, 陳仁富編 國立屏東大學出版社 2017
文字好好玩 (How fun it is to learn Chinese characters) 陳麗雲作 ; 劉如桂繪 僑委會 2016
Fun玩華語123 舒兆民 正中書局 2013
國際華語學習辭典 鄭定歐 五南 2013
華語常用句型與結構330 陳如, 朱曉亞 書林 2012
華語文閱讀測驗 楊琇惠 五南 2012
讀報學華語 張莉萍, 陳立芬 國立師範大學國語教學中心 2012
3D生活華語 COOL Chinese卓越硏究團隊 國立臺灣師範大學出版中心 2011
生活華語600句 陳欣, 黃傳娟, 柴菁菁 書林 2010
中文讀本 金榮華 中華民國僑務委員會 2009
遊臺灣.學華語 盧翠英 國立臺灣大學出版中心 2007
生活華語 生活華語教材委員會 臺灣語言文化社 2005~
全新版華語 蘇月英 流傳文化 2004
這個時候你怎麼說?  戀愛華語 舒兆民, 宋怡南, 陳玉明, 歐喜強 新學林出版 2020


另外,中華民國僑務委員會出版了兩套叢書和光碟── 五百字說華語一千字說華語,用多種語言做華語教學,包括英文、日文、韓文、德文、西班牙文、法文、荷蘭文、印尼文、越南文、泰文。歡迎台灣朋友們介紹給各國的國際學生,幫助他們學習中文快速上手!

五百字說華語   一千字說華語    chineselearning8


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