How to find TIME magazine in NTU Library?

The article will introduce where is the Time magazine in print form in the NTU Library and how to use the electronic form of it.

Enter the Advanced Search of SLIM system.  Choose “Title” and type “Time” in the searching box.  Limit the material type to “Journals”.

From the results, you will see several editions of Time magazine in NTU Library collection.  Both print and electronic form are available.


[Electronic Form]

Click the second one “Time” on the search result page to check the details.  All the three online sources are from EBSCOhost database.  Users can use the Time magazines from 1923 to date online.

You can click the first link to enter the Time Magazine page on the EBSCOhost database.  Then, you can choose the year and the month interested on the right hand side or click “Search within this publication” to search for articles.

You can view the content online or download the PDF.


[Print Form]

As for the print form, click on the forth result “Time : the weekly newsmagazine.” and you will see the locations of the Time magazine in print form.

Click on the first location “總圖書館 Main Library” to see more details.

  • Back issues: The blue part includes the back issues which are located at the 3F Western Language Bound Periodicals – Humanities/Social Science area shelf 088.  (3F人社期刊088排)
  • Current issues: The red part covers the current issues and they are located at 3F Current Periodicals area shelf 01-24.  Click “View more” to see more.  (3F現期期刊區01-24格)

Remember to check the issue detail of the items.  If there is any question, please feel free to ask the librarian in Main Library.

In addition to the Main Library, other branches also have the paper collection.  The Time magazines collection of the Koo Library are at the 2F bound periodicals area shelf 28A and the latest issue is 2015.

The Medical Library only keeps the latest 6 months’ issues and they are located at the 4F NTUer Lounge.


Therefore, please check if the range of the issues covers your need before going to the library for the magazines.


【中文文章】圖書館 TIME 時代雜誌何處尋?


by Chia-Ho Chen
Revised by Chih-Lo Chen  2023/4/17