iBiology: Free website of biology-related videos

iBiology, former iBioEducation, iBioSeminars, and iBioMagazine, is a free website of biology-related pedagogic videos, established by professors of cellular and molecular pharmacology of UCSF, Ron Vale. Found as a  project and sponsored by National Academy of Sciences of America, iBiology provides more than 600 videos regarding lessons and interviews of researchers devoting to fields related to biology.

1. Search iBiology

Enter keywords into search for videos in the website. It would be a good way to explore for new themes. For example, by entering the keyword “covid-19”, we may find relevant videos as follow:


2. Start here section

Explore iBiology provides conditions for filtering, including theme, user identity, sorting, duration, subtitles, and whether the video are accompanied with educator resources, etc.

Besides, one may also browse other sections like “All Playlists”, “All speakers”, and “All Talks”. While “What’s newat ibiology” is the blog in which the process of video production and presentation of the backend staff would be posted. The “Talks by Nobel Prize Winners” in the playlist is especially recommended, in which interviews and pedagogic videos recorded by Nobel laureates are collected.

Scientific Teaching Series is also recommended. In this secton, relevant clips for science educators are collected in playlists, including tools for course design.

The Young scientists series section collects interviews and experience sharing of PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers, providing young scholars and students who resolve to contribute to biology and related domains with significant references.


3. Research talks

Research talks classified into different topics and series.



4. Stories

This sections provides stories about background and insights in scientific breakthrough, interviews and profiles of scientists, and the possible and realizing impact of science, etc.


5. Courses

Courses seried as follow:

The flipped courses series are particularly recommended, in which series of materials and tools are provided for teachers and students who would like to conduct a flipped course. If the educator would like to access the assignment  materials, they must register as an educator.


6. Careers

Professional advices are given for career plan:

For example, the films in the professional development category, advices on the expected capacity and characteristic of becoming a successful scientist are given, including communication, guidance for junior scientists, development academic network, etc.


7. Educators

Teachers could register for free, in order to to access all sorts of materials, including course description, grading assignments, and answers, that are provided by ibiology.

After you have registered, you would see the link indicating “Educator resoures for this talk” on the right side of any clip. Click to access to corresponding materials.


8. About

Basic informations including contributing members and their mission. Donations are welcome from users or foundations.


by Yu-Hung Kao