More Than Chocolate: Explore the Literature and Art of Lady Godiva in the Databases and the Library

As we know, Godiva is a chocolate brand from Belgium. Godiva is undoubtedly a symbol for high quality chocolate, and the origin of its name was from Lady Godiva, wife of Lord Leofric. She made a famous ride through the streets of Coventry and the taxes were reduced, making her a legend throughout the centuries. Inspired by the legend, the chocolate making family named their company after her and kept the associated values such as boldness, generosity, and a pioneering spirit.

Let’s explore the literature and art of Lady Godiva in the library and databases, such as Encyclopaedia Britannica Online, Gale Virtual Reference Library, NCCO, and JSTOR.

First, users can search for stories, sculptures, and paintings of Lady Godiva on Encyclopaedia Britannica Online (EB Online).

In Gale Virtual Reference Library, there are also some encyclopedias and ebooks related to the Lady Godiva. 


As for literature, users can search in the Nineteenth Century Collections Online-NCCO on Gale platform, which contains English dramas, music, and literary works from the 19th century. Search for “Godiva” in NCCO to see related books, manuscripts, or articles from periodicals:

Lady Godiva: or, Peeping Tom of Coventry. 1869. Nineteenth Century Collections Online, Accessed 9 Nov. 2021.

“The Relics of the ‘Olden Time,’ Shrewsbury Show, and the Godiva Procession at Coventry, Have Been Celebrated This Week.” Leader, 24 June 1854, p. [586]. Nineteenth Century Collections Online, Accessed 9 Nov. 2021.


As for JSTOR database subscribed by NTU Library, there are also journal articles, review articles, poems, pictures, and images in the literature, art and history fields. For further research in the JSTOR database, you can search “Lady Godiva”.

As the result shows, users would find a painted postcard of Lady Godiva owned by Trinity College Library at the JSTOR database.

Levy, Lucien (L.L.) (publisher, French, act. 1895-), & artwork depicted by Lefebvre, Jules Joseph (painter, French, 1836-1912). (n.d.). Lefebvre (Jules). — Lady Godiva. 20 LL. Musee d’Amiens (p. 1) [Postcards]. Trinity College, Watkinson Library (Hartford, Connecticut, USA).


In JSTOR database, users could find folklores about Lady Godiva, and some poems with the title of Lady Godiva.

R. Ellis Davidson. (1969). The Legend of Lady Godiva. Folklore, 80(2), 107–121.

Strobel, M. (1928). Godiva. Poetry, 31(5), 240–240.


Moreover, users can also find interesting information when they search “Godiva” on NTU Library’s online catalog and discovery system (SLIM). If the resource type is limited to “books”, users could find the English Literature and Culture History related items in the library, such as Godiva’s ride : women of letters in England, 1830-1880 or Great tales from English history : The truth about King Arthur, Lady Godiva, Richard the Lionheart, and more; if the resource type is limited to “online resources”, users would then find e-books on the Gale or HUSO platform.


Amplifying history and culture taste in addition to tasting chocolates certainly corresponds to the classy Godiva brand. Though eating or drinking is not allowed in the library, you can experience the joy of tasting the chocolate and the works by taking out a book or connecting to internet resources at home.


【中文版文章】不只是巧克力,探索 Lady Godiva 的文學與藝術


by Yu-Ting Huang & Chih-Lo Chen