Introduction to SLIM: How to access journals?

NTUL has started to use the new system which called Systems for Library Information Management (SLIM), since October 11th, 2018. In this article, we would introduce the method of access journal. 【中文說明請見此文章:SLIM雲端圖書館自動化系統介紹(7) 如何查詢期刊

There are two situations accessing the journal.

The first situation is that if you know the name of the journal, how to know where can access the collections in the SLIM. 

There are two ways for access under the first situation.

1.Basic search: Type in the journal name or ISSN in the search box at index page.

If the system has many searching results and hard to identify, you can use a filter to refine the result on the left-hand side of the result page. You can click in “Resource Type” and select “Journals”. Next, click the “APPLY FILTERS” button for using the filter.

2. Advanced Search: Set up fields and conditions

When searching the title, you can search by “Title”, “is (exact)” and limit the material type to “Journal”.

The meaning of “Is (exact)” is that the ‘journal of science’ would seem as one term and connect together. It does not separate as three single words.

If you choose “start with” for searching, “American Journal of science” would not be items in the searching result.


The second situation is that you want to access full-text journal after you know where the system has collections of the journal.

There is a mean at the left-hand side in the searching result item page.

  1. For the online journal, you can click on “VIEW ONLINE” and choose the resource’s platform(s) for access.


  1. For the paper journal, click on “GET IT” and it will show the location of the paper journal.


Further Reading: Guide for NTU Library SLIM system


Written by Hugo Kam, Intern from The University of Hong Kong.